Fast, small and free HTTP server


fserv is an HTTP server that can serve static files, act as a forward and reverse HTTP proxy server, stream media content (SHOUTcast). It has a very high speed on all supported platforms due to its asynchronous I/O event architecture. It can easily process thousands of requests in parallel. The functionality of fserv can be extended by adding new modules.

When configured as a proxy server, it caches responses from upstream servers on a local filesystem, dramatically speeding up the response time when the same request is received again.

fserv can act as an Internet radio trasmitter or it can re-transmit other Internet radio stations. In the latter case it also can record songs into MP3 files on a local machine, which makes it a useful music-grabber.



There is no installation needed, just unpack the archive and set the server root directory in the configuration file. It's easy to configurate it - there are several default configuration files for common use-cases.

Platforms the binaries were tested on:

I continue to publish the source code to GitHub. You can download it from GitHub.


General: HTTP: ICY Broadcast:


Please report bugs to stsaz [at] or create an issue on GitHub. Your suggestions and source code patches are also greatly appreciated.